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All Wax Candle Company is located in the heart of Yukon, Oklahoma. We distribute to customers and businesses across all 50 states of the U.S. Our great team of candle workers spends hours creating our handcrafting candles in all various shapes, sizes, and designs with a distinctive aroma smell made with love by each candle worker.

Our endless candle selections are always available and they will be continuously fresh within only weeks of handcrafting them to cure.

Once we freshly produce our handcrafted candles, they will be distributed to our customers within 1 to 2 weeks. We will never leave them sitting on our shelves for months to years before distributing them to the public. That is why when we ship them to our customers, the aroma scent of our candles smell so fresh that it seems like you just got it straight from our store.


1) The best part of our company is that we do not mass-produce thousands of candles. NO fragrance is being lost due to candles sitting on store shelves or in warehouses for months to years before distributing or selling them to the public.

2) We guarantee you a very long-lasting scented candle with burn times that range from 20 to 30 hours on average. This will also depend on the type of candle you purchase. Some of our candles are based on sizes that can burn for up to 40 hours.

3) We will customize a special handcrafted candle order. The variety of candles that we offer is based on our customer’s preference for candle wax types, such as Soy, Paraffin, Palm, Beeswax, Liquid, and Bayberry.

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